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Post of the month 05/2021: Artan Hysa

About me: I am a Lecturer/Researcher at the faculty of Architecture and Engineering at Epoka University, in Tirana- Albania. At the same time, I am a visiting lecturer at the Agricultural University of Tirana. I am an architect by education, earning the PhD degree in Landscape Architecture and Planning from Istanbul Technical University in 2018. […]

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Minimal effect of prescribed burning on fire spread rate and intensity in savanna ecosystems

Soil erosion is enhanced by wildfire, mainly due to the loss of vegetation cover and changes in soil properties. After wildfires, there is a need to control the non-sustainable soil and water losses.

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Online 2021 WG2 Meeting

FIRElinks WG2 meeting Effects of wildfires on flora and fauna Digital Event, May 12th 2021, 09:00 to 15:00 Due to the restrictions with the current situation, the WG4 meeting  will be held online to allow collaborators to participate. The meeting will be focused on the effects of wildfires on flora and fauna on a European scale. [...]


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Global News Report @robinsnewswire
US general: 'wildfire of terrorism' on march in Africa - The Associated Press #Heatwave #Wildfires

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@COST_Academy @COSTprogramme Today, we are celebrating our online MC meeting to discuss past, present and future challenges of our @COST_FIRElinks
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@COST_Academy @COSTprogramme @ArtemioCerda @geo_jrc @doerr_s @santin_cristina @nievesfdezanez Coral is showing some interesting results related to droughts and fires in the Iberian Peninsula! We have to learn a lot about this to efficienly manage our settlements and natural ecosystems! @DelacDomina @elsa_pastor @yannishimself @PauCostaF
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Now, our colleague Coral Salvador i s presenting a really amazing webinar, our last @COST_FIRElinks WEBINAR this year! The effects of fires on health! @COST_Academy @COSTprogramme @ArtemioCerda @geo_jrc @doerr_s @santin_cristina @nievesfdezanez
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