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Post of the month 09/2020: FIRElinks activities in Turkey

by TurgayDindaroglu and Tugrul Yakupoglu, WG3 Dr. Turgay Dindaroglu has been working as Associate Professor on different research projects and teaching activities related to forest and soil ecology at Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University (Turkey) since 2002. He now focuses on forest ecosystem management after fire, where quality principles are evaluated within the scope of soil […]

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Wildfires as an ecosystem service

Soil erosion is enhanced by wildfire, mainly due to the loss of vegetation cover and changes in soil properties. After wildfires, there is a need to control the non-sustainable soil and water losses.


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@zkun1971: research re. Oregon #forestfire
"water from beaver ponds is spread around the #landscape ...the pond water slowly seeps into the soil, keeping it wet & plants green. When #wildfires come through, the #beaver #wetlands are too wet to burn"
lesson 4 Europe?
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What's being done to ensure Europe and the United States aren't complicite???

Animals BURNING #wildfires #ClimateChange

@eucopresident @BorisJohnson @realDonaldTrump @EmmanuelMacron

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California Professional Firefighters represents more than 30,000 front line first responders
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@CAFirefighters: New research suggests that breathing #wildfire smoke on the puts frontline #firefighters at greater risk of #COVID19. Now more than ever, stay vigilant and log all exposures in your PER record.
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With 30+ years of experience we specialise in the design, manufacture & supply of wildlife monitoring equipment to researchers across the globe
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@TitleyScientif1: Our new Spotlight On is @dilly_hoyt a master’s student from #Wales studying ‘Island #Biodiversity & #Conservation’ at the #Uni of Exeter and Jersey! Her #research focuses on the impact of #wildfire on #bats in Irvine, #California, throughout 40k acres of land on the Irvine Ranch.
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Disaster preparedness and recovery experts. IBHS uses cutting-edge research to create affordable, effective solutions to reduce property damage.
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@disastersafety: Wildfire knows no boundaries. Be #WildfireReady using new guide prioritizing actions that research shows are critical to preparing homes. Get started today at

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