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Nina Dobrinkova

The Wildfire Task Group Chair, Dr Nina Dobrinkova, is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IICT-BAS) in Bulgaria. The Institute was founded in 2010 as a successor of the Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP), Institute of Information Technologies (IIT) and Institute of Computer and Communication […]

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Wildfires as an ecosystem service

Soil erosion is enhanced by wildfire, mainly due to the loss of vegetation cover and changes in soil properties. After wildfires, there is a need to control the non-sustainable soil and water losses.


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2 days ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
You can also see the main activities of this research team at @unileon in this video:
2 days ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
At the @unileon, we can find a very active research team focused on several ecological issues, specially, #wildfires #fuego
On our website, you can see an amazing video presenting their main activities and research:
Leonor, Reyes, Elena... amazing team!
3 days ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Do you know who will take part in our new post of the month in March? #postofthemonth
We know it! She is a PhD Student from Croatia, fire researcher, nature lover and passionate mountaineer! Are you curious?
@FireintheEarth1 @yannishimself
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