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1 day ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Well, the WG1 is over and each participant come back at home. It was a great success! @nievesfdezanez was a fantastic host and organiser! Always smiling and very attentive, therefore, the event was suuuuper productive! @COSTprogramme @elsa_pastor @FireLab_UTAD @ArtemioCerda https://t.co/7kj4kKueSn
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3 days ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Amazing presentation of Arjen Kraaijeveld on controlled fires in Norway. Happy fires, prescribed fires, risk and hazards, rural areas and sheeps... many things to think and act! @nievesfdezanez @ArtemioCerda @FireLab_UTAD @elsa_pastor @WildfireTacAd @GlodHvl @doerr_s https://t.co/jUA54jedGR
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3 days ago
FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Second day in our WG1 meeting in @GlodHvl @GlodHvl coordinated by @nievesfdezanez and @elsa_pastor! We start with another keynote and then, brainstorming about "Fire behaviour" https://t.co/my49OCQVv4