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Post of the month 7/2022: Keri Forest

Authors*: Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Irene Christoforidi, Georgios Papadopoulos, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Ioannis Louloudakis, Thrassyvoulos Manios Afforested in the late 1990s, Keri Forest covers today about 3 km2 and is located 9 km […]

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Legumes in natural post-fire successions of forest meadows and pastures in Northern Bulgaria

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💧Vince Mahon @vjmahon
Human-driven climate change made the droughts that gripped large swaths of Europe, China and North America this year at least 20 times more likely” @wxrisk via @CamillaHodgson #ClimateCrisis #drought #heatwaves #wildfires
2 days ago
Isabel Froes @belfroes
belfroes Retweeted
@TREEADSH2020: #Climatechange has increased the likelihood and severity of #wildfires 🔥 across #Europe. Many of the fires were fuelled this year by several heatwaves and drought.

✅ We would like also to thank the #firefighters of @TREEADSH2020 consortium for their hard work!

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FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Marco Turco finally explains the relationship between climate and fire related to the ONFIRE project. Sharing data and expertises are key to guarantee the future understanding but also monitoring and forecast the final consequences @EUClimateAction @climateimpacts_ @NatureGeosci
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FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
@brjmoreira is talking about plants, vegetation types and biomass. It is incredible how biota affects but also is affected by fire, and how much information gives us about restoration, recovery and steps to be made! @jgpausas @CSIC @ArtemioCerda @jjestrany @ftmaestre @Fuego_lab
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FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
Haleema Misal from @centrewildfires is talking about wildfires in Crete, Greece. She wnts to estimrte the welfare impacts of wildfire policies and mapping stakeholders and issues! @GuillermoRein @DrTELS @nievesfdezanez @doerr_s @santin_cristina @COST_Academy
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