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Post of the month 7/2022: Keri Forest

Authors*: Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Irene Christoforidi, Georgios Papadopoulos, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Ioannis Louloudakis, Thrassyvoulos Manios Afforested in the late 1990s, Keri Forest covers today about 3 km2 and is located 9 km […]

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Fire Risk Assessment on Wildland–Urban Interface and Adjoined Urban Areas: Estimation Vegetation Ignitability by Artificial Neural Network

Fire risk assessment on the wildland–urban interface (WUI) and adjoined urban areas is crucial to prevent human losses and structural damages. One of many interacting and dynamic factors influencing the […]

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4 days ago @airqualitynews
Temperate regions, such as northern Europe, are at greater risk from increasingly drier air due to lower tolerance thresholds.

#wildfires #forests #ClimateEmergency #airpollution #AirQuality

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Nurit Shtober Zisu@NuritShtober
Geomorphologist, PhD, Senior lecturer #HaifaUniversity👩‍🎓 #weathering ⚒ #landscape evolution 🏗 #geoarchaeology🗿 #GeoloversofIsrael 🇮🇱
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@NuritShtober: Today: @REACT4MED workshop on ecosystem restoration; Living lab in #Neve_Yaar Research Center and the #FoodForest at Betleem of the Galilee. The best bet to achieve the #SDGs.
13 days ago
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Wild Horse Fire Brigade@OfficialWHFB
WHFB helps mitigate wildfire by restoring native wild horses as keystone herbivores into designated wilderness areas reducing grass and brush wildfire fuels.
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@OfficialWHFB: Mark Your Calendar for Dec. 3rd

William E. Simpson II will B presenting his TED-like talk about his research on #WildHorses, #WildFire & how the plan known as 'Wild Horse Fire Brigade' benefits stakeholders around wild horse management issues as it reduces Catastrophic Wildfire
13 days ago
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Nick Kettridge@nkettridge
Physical Geographer, University of Birmingham. Specializes in characterizing the ecohydrological resilience of ecosystems to disturbance.
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@nkettridge: New PhD opportunity: Agriculture #wildfire; assessing and mitigating the risk to sustainable UK arable farming. For more details see: Deadline 20th Jan. Please DM for further information.