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Applies Ecology and Remote Sensing group of the University of León, Spain.

Megafires: fire ecology knowledge to better-informed decision-making Dear FireLINKS colleagues, we are pleased to share with you our Consolidated Research Unit 210 “Applied Ecology and Remote Sensing”. We conform an international benchmark in the field of research applied to the management and conservation of forest systems at European level, including the traditional use of fire, […]

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Wildfires as an ecosystem service

Soil erosion is enhanced by wildfire, mainly due to the loss of vegetation cover and changes in soil properties. After wildfires, there is a need to control the non-sustainable soil and water losses.


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Lori Fontanes @LoriFontanes
An infographic is worth a thousand words...about #climate impacts. Check out these projections re: the future of #Europe in sea level rise, #wildfires, #floods & more.
I've got one word: Wow.

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Helmut Baltrusch @Balelt41
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@PIK_Climate: #Forests on Earth are facing more and more intense #droughts and thus #wildfires, driven by #GlobalWarming. Our fire ecologist Kirsten Thonicke on #forest management in the age of #ClimateChange in the @nytimes by @SominiSengupta

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are you interested? Do you have any suggestion? Please, contact us sending a private message! THANKS!
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We need MC and MC substitutes from Austria (1 MC substitutes), Albania (1 substitutes), Belgium (1 substitutes), Cyprus (1 substitute), Denmark (1 MC and 2 substitutes), Ireland (2 MCs and 2 substitutes), Luxembourg (2 MCs and 2 substitutes) and Malta (2 MCs and 2 substitutes).
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FIRElinks @COST_FIRElinks
New info posted about the Training School on soil organic matter and fire coordinated by Dr Heike Knicker ( in Seville (Spain). Please, visit our website to have all the necessary information:
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