Core Group

Artemi Cerdà

Action Chair
Artemi Cerdà is Professor in Physical Geography at the University of Valencia, Spain. He is an expert on soil erosion and soil hydrology on fire-prone land.

Stefan Doerr

Action Vice Chair
Professor of Physical Geography at Swansea University (UK) and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Wildland Fire. He focuses on global wildfire trends and impacts, with a particular interest in carbon dynamics, hydrology, erosion and water quality. His regional foci are Europe, Australia, North America, East Asia and Southern Africa.

Nieves Fernández

Head of WG1
Associate professor within fire safety at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has experience on fires in organic solid materials, smouldering fires, and dust explosions. Her past and previous research include both experimental and computational work.

Joan Estrany

Head of WG2
Dr. Joan Estrany is Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of the Balearic Islands. His research interest is focused in the fields of erosion and sediment yield and tracing, as well as ecogeomorphology. On wildfires, he investigates changing ecogeomorphological patterns through a monitoring system implemented with the most up-to-date technologies on the island of Mallorca

Irena Atanassova

Head of WG3
Dr, DSc Irena Atanassova is Full Professor and Director of the Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection Nikola Poushkarov in the Agricultural Academy (Bulgaria).
Her research focuses on soil chemistry, geochemistry, mineralogy, contaminants behaviour in soils, plant nutrition and biomarker analyses.
Her experience includes research in England, Japan, Germany and the USA.

Dragana Đorđević

Head of WG4
Dr Dragana Đorđević is full research professor in Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy – Institution of national importance, University of Belgrade ( Her main fields of interest are in the environmental chemistry. Atmospheric pollution, interactions of pollutants between aquatic and soils/sediments systems, mathematical modeling of the environmental
pollution processes including transport, sources identification, theoretical prediction etc. are the research areas.

Jesús Rodrigo Comino

Head of WG5
Dr Jesús Rodrigo Comino has a PhD from the University of Málaga (Spain). He is an Editor-in-Chief of Air, Soil and Water Research (SAGE). Currently, he is a member of the Department of Regional Geographical Analysis and Physical Geography at the University of Granada (Spain). His current research interests include soil erosion, land degradation, soil geography and regional geography.

Anna Brook

STMS Manager
Professor at the University of Haifa and Leader of Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing Laboratory. Her current research interests include image and signal processing, physical/dynamic models and post-fire processes. The main focus is on the development of data fusion techniques and performing efficient algorithms for data mining integrated decision-support systems for sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

Ioannis Daliakopoulos

Science Communications Manager
Senior researcher at the Department of Agriculture at the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Crete, Greece.

Thomas Smith

Early Career Scientist Officer
Assistant Professor in Environmental Geography at the London School of Economics, with over 10 years of field experience at wildfires and experimental burns in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America.