Core Group

Artemi Cerdà

Action Chair
Artemi Cerdà is Professor in Physical Geography at the University of Valencia, Spain. He is an expert on soil erosion and soil hydrology on fire-prone land.

Stefan Doerr

Action Vice Chair
Professor of Physical Geography at Swansea University (UK) and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Wildland Fire. He focuses on global wildfire trends and impacts, with a particular interest in carbon dynamics, hydrology, erosion and water quality. His regional foci are Europe, Australia, North America, East Asia and Southern Africa.

Nieves Fernández

Head of WG1
Associate professor within fire safety at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has experience on fires in organic solid materials, smouldering fires, and dust explosions. Her past and previous research include both experimental and computational work.

Lea Wittenberg

Head of WG2

Irena Atanassova

Head of WG3

Joao Nunes

Head of WG4
Researcher at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on hydrological and erosion processes in burnt watersheds, fire impacts on hydrological ecosystem services, and the potential impacts of climate change.

Nuria Prat

Head of WG5
Núria works in the R+D+i area of the Pau Costa Foundation. A global non-profit organisation dedicated to bring together researchers, managers and society to improve the wildfire knowledge and emergency management.

Zahra Kalantari

STMS Manager
Associate Professor at Stockholm University and Research Area Leader of Bolin Centre for Climate Research. Her Special field of research is in the areas of combination of science and application to manage current and mitigate future climate and land use changes affecting catchment hydrological responses, vulnerability assessment to water-related disasters and adaptive land-use planning for decision support and Nature-Based Solutions for sustainable rural and urban development.

Ioannis Daliakopoulos

Science Communications Manager
Senior researcher at the Department of Agriculture at the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Crete, Greece.

Thomas Smith

Early Career Scientist Officer
Assistant Professor in Environmental Geography at the London School of Economics, with over 10 years of field experience at wildfires and experimental burns in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America.

Jesús Rodrigo Comino

Grant holder
Dr Jesús Rodrigo Comino has a PhD from the University of Málaga (Spain). He is expert on soil erosion, soil geography and land degradation processes. He is a Editor-in-Chief of Air, Soil and Water Research (SAGE). Currently, he is working on an Interreg project about light pollution (Smart Light-HUB) at the Trier University (Germany) and COST-Action Firelinks (CA18135) as a grant holder at the University of Valencia (Spain).