Latest Past Events

Kraków 2022 Meeting

Faculty of Forestry University of Agriculture in Krakow Al. 29 Listopada 46, Kraków

Meeting of the COST Action FireLinks in Kraków (Poland) Faculty of Forestry University of Agriculture, Krakow 1 -3 of September  2022 01.09.2022 Meeting of the Forestry Department of the University of Agriculture in Krakow 02.09.2022 Rudziniec Forest Inspectorate – field  visit to the post-fire areas, presentations 03.09.2022 Szczakowa - B. Woś - reclaimed land  - […]


Antalya 2022 Meeting

International Forestry and Fire Education Center Nebiler, Esentepe Street Döşemealtı, Antalya

Firelinks meeting Fire and Society in the Mediterranean, Antalya/Türkiye 9:00 Welcome to Participants 9:30 An overview of the International Forestry and Fire Training Center 10:00 The role of Firelinks in the science and society- Artemi Cerdà 11:00 The need of an international and holistic approach to understand forest fires- Saskia Keesstra 12:00 Forest fires in […]


Kleve 2022 WG3/4 Meeting

Campus of Hoch Schule Rhein Wahl, Kleve, Germany Marie-Curie-Straße 1, Kleve

FIRElinks meeting WG3/4 – Germany, 15-17 August 2022 COST ACTION Fire in the Earth System Year 3 FIRElinks will develop the EU-spanning network of scientists and practitioners involved in forest fire research and land management and connect communities from different scientific and geographic backgrounds, allowing the discussion of different experiences and the emergence of new […]