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Domina Delač is a Ph.D. student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Croatia. Since March 2019 she works on the project “Influence of Summer Fire on Soil and Water Quality”. Summer fire represents a natural hazard for the Republic of Croatia, especially for the endangered area of the Adriatic. The project “Influence of Summer Fire on Soil and Water Quality” include research of different types of burn and fires in Croatia. Domina conducts laboratory analyses and participates in field works. She is processing data that will result in publications. Two experiments are highlighted here.

In Šibenik-Knin County, summer wildfire was occurred at the end of July 2019 and affected an area of approximately 900 ha. Wildfire approached the inhabited houses, and affected agricultural land with dominant culture Olea europea and abandoned grassing where dominates Pinus halepensis. The restoration and regeneration of fire affected area were included the application of two mulch treatments; pinus and olive leaves, and unmulced treatment, control. Runoff collectors were set up on every treatment for monthly monitoring of water quality. Soil samples analyses were included physical and chemical parameters. The goal is to determine how long is it necessary that fire affected area returns to a natural state as it was before the fire occurred.

The pile burn experiment was set up in Zadar County. The experiment included burning of pruned and harvested agriculture residues, which is a common practice by farmers in the studied area. The emphasis is put on soil and water quality after burning different amounts and types of agricultural biomass in regards to unburned area. Surrounding water streams and source were also analyzed so that quantification pile burn practice be more adequate. 

All the experiments were supported by Croatian science foundation through the project “Influence of Summer Fire on Soil and Water Quality” (IP-01-2018-1645).

Research project: “Influence of Summer Fire on Soil and Water Quality” (IP-01-2018-1645)

Project manager: Ivica Kisić, Ph.D. Full Professor



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