The role of smart solutions in mitigating fire risk: a review
  • May 23, 2020


Grant holder: Dr Mario Colonico
Home Institution: University of Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy), IL
Host Institution: Carrer de Sant Llorenç, 0, Solsona (Lleida, Spain), ES
Duration: 21 days

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Cropland and traditional forest activities abandonment are two of the main root causes for the expansion of fire risk across Europe as they generate high density young forests and consequent fuel accumulation and continuity. Moreover, climate change increases fire exposure of vulnerable landscapes.
The aim of the STSM was to collect fuel management smart solutions and best practices for fire risk management in Catalonia, Spain, and to assess if they are able to compensate for recent land use changes. At social level, smart solutions implementation could be justified by the increasing severity of wildfires. However, a cost-efficiency analysis is needed to promote them at policy level. Both wildfire risk planning and social awareness and involvement are critical issues, but they are not yet fully addressed.