FIRElinks Webinars are a Teaching Innovation Activity with online tools aimed at master’s and doctoral students, researchers and stakeholders. The webinars are organized by Jesús Rodrigo-Comino (University of Granada), Marcos Lado (University of A Coruña) and Artemi Cerdà (University of Valencia).

DateTime CETKeynote SpeakerTitleAttendees
13/04/202118:00Jonay Deneris, Antonio Girona, Pete RobichaudAdvances and tools for erosion and water quality modeling in fire-affected areas for an European and US.103
21/04/202112:00Tomás de FigueiredoScrublands and fire in a Mediterranean mountain environment:  experiences and perspectives.28
28/04/202112:00Cristina Fernández FilgueiraPost-fire soil erosion risk evaluation in NW Spain24
05/05/202115:00Maria Bostenaru

Rebeca Aleix and Celia Yagüe (AMUFOR)
Protection of localities against fire risks

Greenhouse gas emissions risk management in forest fires (REMAS)
14/05/202118:00Edivaldo Lopes ThomazSlash-and-burn in Brazil: cultural aspects and soil system dynamics6
19/05/202112:30Luis Filipe LopesEfficiency of public environmental measures in post-fire restoration in Portugal28
27/05/202110:00Matthias BoerAustralia’s ‘Black Summer’ forest fires of 2019/20 – a long-term global perspective52
02/06/202110:00Joao Carvalho Nunes

Domina Delac
Managing fire-induced risks of water quality contamination in Portugal – presenting the FRISCO project

Soil and water response to pile burning and post-fire mulching in a Mediterranean environment
09/06/202111:00Coral Salvador GimenoThe effects of fires on health in the Iberian Peninsula  related to drought events: future challenges19