WG2: Fire effect on Plants and Fauna

  • July 9, 2019

Fire effect on Plants and Fauna, and their interaction will focus fire impacts on plants and fauna. How can management be optimized to create a more fire resilient forest, scrubland or grassland system, taking into account to socio-economic constraints (WG5) and climate change impacts on the ecosystem. To understand ecosystem impacts it is needed to incorporate soil properties both from a biodiversity as well as a hydrological and erosional point of view (WG3). In addition, biota have a large impact on fluxes in the landscape (WG2), but the impact of the fluxes on a fire affected ecosystem will be one of the foci of this Working group in collaboration with WG2. The role of biodiversity and how prescribed burning (WG1) affects the ecosystem, and what changes these management interventions will have over longer periods of time will be a key issue.