WG4: Fire effects on water, sediment and contaminant transport

  • July 9, 2019

WG4 Fire effects on water, sediment and contaminant transport will focus on the connectivity of the system. How do different types of fire influence the water, sediment and ash systems? The role of vegetation type, land use management, fire intensity, and the chosen post-fire management is important in determining how much the hydrological condition of a system, whether it is a hillslope of a large watershed, will react. The main focus of this Working Group lies in how fluxes of water, sediment, ashes and associated substances move through landscapes, causing problems like flooding, sedimentation, and lake/reservoir pollution. Currently the scientific society working on this topic is well connected with the groups working on the effects of fire on soils. However, strong links should be created between WG1 to link the knowledge on fire dynamics and with WG2 to incorporate the knowledge on changes to soil properties, and to bring the knowledge of this group to WG5.